UPHOLD, all y'alls!

Choose to pay with crypto, metals, currencies, whatever. It's your money. It's your choice.

Uphold® will help you access financial services you can’t get through your bank.

Uphold is fully reserved. Unlike banks, we don’t loan out your money. We publish our holdings and obligations in real time.

Automated trading
Schedule regular transactions using AutoPilot, which allows you to set up recurring buy or sell orders and reduce the impact of price volatility.

Debit card
The Uphold Card (see below for more info) allows you to pay with crypto, gold, and more. Earn 1% CashBack and 2% Crypto Reward. Spend Bitcoin, earn Bitcoin.

Multi-Asset Platform
Cryptocurrencies, precious metals, U.S. equities*, and national currencies.

#Anything to Anything
Unique, one-step trading capability, e.g., DASH to XRP, USD to NANO.

Uphold pricing policy
Applies to mobile version (v 4.0 or above) & New Web Wallet
(Individual type accounts)

Uphold is not a free platform. We charge a spread every time you trade.

In the U.S. and Europe, our spread is typically 0.8 to 1.2% on BTC and ETH.
In other parts of the world, our spread on the majors is typically around 1.8%.

Spreads can be significantly higher for low-liquidity cryptos and tokens including XRP, ZIL, OXT, UPT, DOGE and others. Check rates at Preview before you trade.

Coordinated market activity such as Wall St Bets can distort markets. All the above spreads are likely to widen beyond those above during times of acute market stress.

Fiat currencies
Our spread is typically 0.2% between major national currencies such as EUR, USD, and GBP.

U.S. Equities
Our spread is typically 1.0%. For trading outside market hours, we add a small spread based on the stock's volatility. A clock icon will appear when the U.S. public market is closed. U.S. market hours are 9.30am to 4pm ET on business days.

Precious metals
Our spread is typically 3% on top of the bid-ask prices at our supplier.

27 National currencies
49 Cryptocurrencies and Utility Tokens
50 U.S. Stocks
4 Precious Metals

36 Countries with Bank Connectivity

Cheap forex
Access some of the cheapest Forex rates on major currencies, including USD, EUR and GBP (from 0.2%).

Instant remittances
Send money to your friends and family worldwide - instantly, free and in anything from Bitcoin to USD.

Flexible payments
Get paid by your employer in any currency, or combination of currencies you want: 70% in USD, 20% Euros, 10% Bitcoin.

Blockchain integration
Withdraw funds to bank accounts in 36 countries, or to private wallets on seven crypto networks - instantly and fee-free.

Our pricing model is all-inclusive. The price you see before you trade, is the price you pay when you trade. Unlike many platforms, our prices are locked in pre-trade. We don’t add hidden fees between Preview and Transact unlike some competitors.  Please check the rate you’re getting on the Preview page. Only confirm your transaction if you’re happy with the rate and accept the trade.

Like most trading venues, we display the current mid-market price on our charts; when you trade, you receive the current bid or ask price depending on whether you’re buying or selling. There is always a small difference between the mid-market and the bid/ask prices: it's how order books on exchanges work.

We charge 0% deposit fees and 0% withdrawal fees.

Network Fees - charged when you withdraw to external crypto wallets - are passed on at cost and may vary depending on Network congestion.


Physical and virtual cards
You get a physical chip-and-PIN card and a virtual card to buy stuff online.

Instant access
Tap the asset you want to spend: crypto, commodities or cash. No waiting, no foreign transaction fees, no hassle. It's your money. Your choice.

Use it anywhere
Mastercard® network means it's accepted at nearly 50 million merchants and ATMs across the globe with zero foreign transaction fees.   

2% Crypto reward & 1% Cash Back
Earn 1% back in USD for every USD-sourced transaction and 2% back in the cryptocurrency used for every crypto purchase through the Uphold debit card.

Your money. Your choice.

Basic Attention Token
26 Cryptocurrencies & utility tokens
U.S. Dollar
British Pound Sterling
Chinese Yuan + 23 National currencies
The cool features of the Uphold Card

‘Crypto Reward’: 2% if you spend cryptocurrencies, 1% on national currencies
Save a ton in FX compared with banks
Physical and virtual card formats
Change your PIN within the app
Freeze your card within the app
Spend any asset supported by Uphold
Easily change the asset you want to spend
Instant spending alerts
Statements of your purchases, by type

What’s special about the Uphold Card
The Uphold Card allows you to spend crypto, national currencies and precious metals at more than 50 million merchants and virtually all ATMs worldwide. Anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

A ‘true’ debit card rather than a pre-loadable card, it is far more widely accepted than many of its competitors.

The card brings a whole new level of utility to your Uphold account.

You can hook up your Uphold Card to bitcoin, for example, and withdraw local currency in more than 180 countries, benefiting from automatic deductions from your bitcoin balance without any manual conversion into USD.

Similarly, when you travel abroad you can use your Uphold Card and avoid the punitive FX rates charged by banks, which can be above 10%.

Last but not least: with the Uphold Card you’ll earn Crypto Reward on every transaction: 1% when you spend national currencies, and 2% for cryptocurrencies.

If you spend bitcoin, you get bitcoin back. What could be better? You spend what you want and get paid commission in the most (potentially) appreciative asset on the planet.

After you sign up you will be eligible for the UPHOLD card:

The Uphold Card is the first debit card allowing you to toggle between funding sources (crypto, fiat currencies, gold, etc.) and spend or withdraw funds at nearly 50 million merchants and ATMs worldwide.

Apply for an Uphold Card today, via the Uphold Card app - and in minutes you could be one of the first holders of this revolutionary, multi-asset debit card.

It’s Your Money. It’s Your Choice.

Manage Your Money:

- Instant spending notifications

- Toggle between crypto, fiat currencies, gold and other funding sources

Spend Anywhere:

- Spend abroad anywhere Mastercard is accepted

Transparency and Security:

- If you lose or misplace your card, simply freeze/unfreeze it in the app

- 24/7 customer support

- Real-time access to view all transaction history

Earn Crypto Reward or CashBack on every purchase with your Uphold Card

You're only a few clicks away from owning the world’s first multi-asset, crypto-enabled debit card. Your Uphold Card allows you to spend:

- Bitcoin and 35 other cryptocurrencies

- Gold and 3 other precious metals

- USD and 26 other national currencies