TheraPure Hemp Oil Healing Cream 1000mg (2 fl oz)

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TheraPure Hemp Oil Healing Cream 1000mg (2 fl oz) is a specially formulated medicinal hemp infused healing cream designed for maximum strength, deep-penetrating relief of chronic and acute joint pain.

Reduces pain and inflammation in ligaments, arthritic joints and tendons, and improves areas of compromised blood circulation due to current or long-term injuries.

Reduces recovery time, swelling, bruising, inflammation, and pain.

May relieve neuritis (nerve inflammation), and soothe neuropathy, a type of nerve damage most commonly found in people with diabetes, Parkinson’s and other nerve-based conditions.

The pain relief from this cream may also help with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Apply where it hurts. Always apply with clean hands. Store in a cool place.

Hemp for TheraPure Health Essentials products is Grown and Made in the USA.

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