TheraPure Hemp Migraine Relief Cream (10mg)

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TheraPure Hemp Migraine Relief Cream (10mg) relieves migraines and headaches, reduces anxiety and stress, increases serotonin levels.

Experience a quiet mind and stillness with our 5 HTP and Maca root-infused temple balm. This herbal balm is for rubbing on your temples to quiet the mind and relieve headaches and migraines. May help with depression and insomnia from lack of sleep.

Massage temples with dabs of cream. Store in a cool place. Always apply with clean hands.

Hemp oil infusion, Coconut Oil, 5 HTP and Maca Root Oil Infusion, Borage Oil, 5 HTP, Maca Root, Dong Quai, Ginko Biloba, Essences, and Essential Oils of Tulasi (Holy Basil), Lavender, Patchouli and Lime

Hemp for TheraPure Health Essentials products is Grown and Made in the USA.

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