Ratfish Liver Oil
Ratfish Liver Oil 10ml

Ratfish Liver Oil

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Also nicknamed the “rabbitfish,” this blue-eyed, spotted sea creature found in the northeast Atlantic has characteristics of both sharks and rays. Like cod liver oil, ratfish liver oil offers:

* A full spectrum of omega fatty acids to reduce inflammation and preserve brain health.
* Vitamin A in a retinol form the body can easily absorb, which supports immune function, vision, reproduction and cellular communication.
* Vitamin D to help absorb the vitamin A, regulate the immune system and strengthen bones and muscles.
* 33% alkylglycerols, which are anti-inflammatory and can aid the immune system.
* Vitamin E, which may maintain healthy cholesterol levels, support the heart and inhibit free radical damage, and keeps the oil fresh!
* Support for the pineal gland to help with rest and meditation.
* A more mild, buttery flavor than cod liver oil.
* Suggested Use: 4 to 6 drops under the tongue each day. Hold for a minute or more in mouth before swallowing.

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