Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

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Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine upgraded SDM-888 model
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"My research has convinced me that lack of oxygen is the root of most or perhaps even all disease". Dr. Shizuo Inoue, inventor of the Chi Machine.

Oxygen Crisis - The Link to All Illness

"Starved of oxygen, the body will become ill and eventually die."
Dr. John Muntz, Nutritional Scientist

By analyzing air bubbles trapped in fossils, scientists have recently proven that the earth's atmosphere used to have 40% oxygen and by comparison, today's air only contains 16-19% oxygen. This is one half of what your body was designed for!

We are oxygen-deficient because in the last century there has been a drastic increase in manufacturing plants, highways, buildings, malls, apartment complexes, automobiles, air traffic, industry, etc. Millions of acres of prime, virgin forests were destroyed to make room for this growth. As a result, the pure oxygen that the nation's plants and tress release into our atmosphere is diminished each year. Because our earth's oxygen level has decreased from 40% to less than 20%, we are oxygen deficient. Low oxygen environments have been linked to the growth of cancer cells, AIDS, hearth disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, bacteria, virus, parasites and many other degenerative diseases.

The Chi Machine helps your body oxygenate every call more effectively and efficiently. Your body is composed of about 70 billlion cells, each of which is similar to a tiny chemical factory. Each and every cell functions by carrying out a variety of chemical reactions inside of itself. All of thse chemical reactions require the presence of oxygen. Use of the Chi Machine stimulates and improves the functioning of your body's cells by increasing the presence of oxygen.

Regular use of the Chi Machine will improve your body's ability to metabolize food and reduce toxin buildup -- thus increase energy.

When food is digested, the nutrients go into the bloodstream and travel to all the cells through your body. Within the cells these nutrients are burned or metabolized to produce energy. When the levels of oxygen in your body are too low, the nutrients are not metabolized properly. This is something like putting firewood into an air-tight stove and trying to burn the wood with the damper and stove door completely closed. Either the wood won't burn at all and will just sit there; or if you started the fire before closing the damper and door, the lack of complete combustion will cause a deposit of creosote on the inside of the stove. When you consider that incomplete metabolizing of food in the cells causes toxic residues to remain in your cells -- is it any wonder that low oxygen leaves us felling tired and depleted? Use of the Chi Machine, because it increases the presence of oxygen, helps the cells metabolized food nutrients which in turn helps prevent the buildup of toxins.

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