Neru 6-pack
Neru 6-pack

Neru 6-pack

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Neru aka Netterumani foot patches
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All-natural, herbal, transdermal patches are the original, safe, convenient, non-invasive, and popular way to effectively stimulate body systems to promote healing of the body and a youthful lifestyle.

Each 6-pack contains 3 packets of 2 patches each -- one patch for each foot per night, so each 6-pack is good for 3 nights. The patches can also be placed over pain areas.

Netterumani Detox Pads

The difference between Netterumani and Neru is that the Netterumani patch and tape are two separate pieces, whereas Neru is one piece (patch is pre-glued to the tape). Secondly, Neru has one additional ingredient, menthol, to lessen the woody barbecue-like odor of the patches. Everything else is the same as the Netterumani patches.

Netterumani is a revolutionary product out of Japan which is revolutionizing the Detoxification and Pain Relief industry. Unlike other detoxification products on the market, with Neru there is no need to ingest anything. All you have to do is simply apply our sap sheet at the bottom of your foot to pull the toxins out.

Experts say that the transdermal patch delivery system is the emerging future technology for the delivery of medicinal products. Netterumani leads the industry in this technology and has developed patches utilizing the highest quality ingredients supported with the latest studies and offers unique and powerful formulas.

Neru Ingredients:
• Agaricus Mushroom Powder – Grown in the rainforests of Brazil, on fertile red clay soil. NO artificial fertilizers are used. It is grown in the most natural environment. Agaricus mushroom is widely used in cancer treatment, and has known to boost a person’s immune system.

• Tourmaline- A crystal which stimulates the reflex point on the bottom of your foot. Tourmaline radiates far infrared anions which help the function of your body’s organs.

• Eucalyptus Tree Sap – Is the tallest tree in the world, which grows under the most powerful sunlight in the Brazilian rainforest. The tree sap helps the flow of blood circulation by removing the toxins from the body.

• Menthol - Good for the body but the main reason that was added was to lessen the odor that comes from the patches.

Netterumani Detox Pads Netterumani Detox Pads

* Agaricus mushroom (Brazil) AAO grade
* Body immune system enhancer; powerful anti-cancer effect
* Certified by Brazil Government (AAO mark) as a naturally raised product
* Traditional health supplements from Inca
* Best selling medicinal mushroom in the world

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As in all health situations qualified professionals should be consulted.

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