Neru 12 6-Packs
Neru 12 6-Packs

Neru 12 6-Packs

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Neru, also known as Netterumani, is the premier detoxification foot patch. Try the others, then try these.
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12-6 packs of the Neru foot patches at a 12% savings!

All-natural, herbal, transdermal patches are the original, safe, convenient, non-invasive, and popular way to effectively stimulate body systems to promote healing of the body and a youthful lifestyle.

Each 6-pack contains 3 packets of 2 patches each -- one patch for each foot per night, so each 6-pack is good for 3 nights. The patches can also be placed over pain areas.

The difference between Netterumani and Neru is that the Netterumani patch and tape are two separate pieces, whereas Neru is one piece (patch is pre-glued to the tape). Secondly, Neru has one additional ingredient, menthol, to lessen the woody barbecue-like odor of the patches. Everything else is the same as the Netterumani patches.

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