Essential Oil Roll-ons Carousel for 10ml Bottles

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Essential Oil Roll-Ons Carousel

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Essential Oil Roll-Ons Carousels come in Black or Clear w/Mirror Base, and in 2-tier or 3-tier styles. The 2-tier carousel will hold 34 bottles up to 3/4" diameter (and 3 1/2" or 4" or more in height). The 3-tier rack holds 49 bottles. The 2-tier carousel holds 21 on the bottom tier and 13 on the top. The 3-tier rack holds 25 on the bottom tier, 17 on the middle, and 7 on the top. Please note: The bottom plate in the images shown here are all in Clear color which is not available at this time. To get a view of Black and Clear w/Mirror Base carousels, please take a look at the other essential oil carousels. - See more at:

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