Essential Oil Carousel
Essential Oil Carousel

Essential Oil Carousel

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Designed originally for cooking with essential oils, this Lazy Susan is also used by practitioners in their workspace and office suites, as well as at bedside in the home.
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* Low and compact, 2-tier carousels are only 10" diameter!

* Fits easily into a kitchen cupboard for cooking with essential oils.

* Turns easily, rotating on its own turntable.

* A very unique and attractive display centerpiece.

* The Perfect Aromatherapy Gift!

* 2-tier and 3-tier "Wedding-cake" style carousels!
* Available in 2 colors, Black and Clear w/Mirrored Base.
* For 5 milliliter, 15 milliliter and 30 milliliter round bottles.

NOTE: You can put 5ml and 10ml bottles in the 15ml (1 1/8" hole) racks -- they'll just sit a bit more loose. However, if you use mostly 5ml bottles, we offer racks with 7/8" holes as well, in the dropdown menu above.

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