TheraPure Health Essentials protocol support for pineal gland and decalcification of:

1/2 tsp baking soda in water once a day
HCQ (or tonic and quinine)

Raw cacao
Ratfish liver oil (the real deal!)
Turmeric with piperine

Cannabis (THC, CBD, CBG)
Apple cider vinegar (recommend Braggs®)

Try this cuppa cocoa:  Heat 1 cup of water, add 1 tbsp of your favorite
brand of r
aw cacao powder + dashes of black pepper, Himalayan
pink salt, and cinnamon + 1 tbsp honey stirred in.... Mmmmmm)

* Harvested sustainably & wild-caught *
* The only unprocessed fish liver oils available
* Pure, raw & packed with nutrients
* Support for the pineal gland to help with rest and mediation *

* Cold-pressed using ancient Viking method *
* Ratfish Liver Oil available in 10ml and 50ml bottles *

Along with an alkaline diet, other things to consider are MSM,
zeolite clay, nascent iodine, chaga mushroom tea, fresh carrot juice,
food-grade diatomaceous earth, the use of crystal ringing bowls
(aka Tibetan healing bowls) ....... and sun gazing early mornings,
and at beautiful sunset. 

Just do it.