Pi Cryptocurrency Network

Keep your money, Pi is free for now til around November/December when it goes mainnet.

   Get Positioned!

Works on your mobile phone and does not drain your battery!

Start earning cryptocurrency today with our free, energy-light mobile app.

Use your invitation code "CryptoPiology" after installing the app, then get the Pi Browser and read all the Menu links!

Start mining from your phone for free today. Pi Crypto goes Live towards the end of 2021.

Don't get left behind. Learn the tech!

How To Mine For Free Using The Pi App:

1. Sign up using the invite code sent to you: CryptoPiology

2. Verify your real legal name as it appears on tax records, and phone number and you can then add your regular name for public view.

3. Download the Pi Broswer right away, and read ALL the Menu dropdown links info!

4. Set your phone alarm to go off daily every 24 hours, then open the app and click on the lightning button to continue mining. You will also receive a notice on your phone when you've stopped mining -- but if it's a little while before you see it, you're losing mining time, so you might want to set your alarm for a backup.

5. On the Pi app main screen click Chat then Mods FAQ and word up on stuff.

6. Invite friends using prewritten text with your link in it (which you can edit to say "Hello Joe!" etc) directly from the app. Click on the People icon on the right side of the app, and then use the purple Invite button at bottom left of screen. This will bring up your Contacts list from which to select.

The Invite link at bottom of the main Pi home screen is for when you have a few Pi built up to be able to offer that special person 1 Pi for signing up.

7. After 4 days of mining, you will be invited to be a Contributor, meaning that you can now select your KYC (know your circle) of trusted people. Contributing simply means you are adding trusted people to the Pi Network. You earn more Pi for each one added to your security circle. You select them from people who have already used your code to sign up, and you can also add the person who invited you. After the 5th person is added, you are earning at the top at 100%!

8. Do not log out of the app. Just close it whenever finished with things by pressing your phone's Home button.
Questions, just shoot an email to support @ TheraPure.com



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