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How to Stake Coin on Kraken

Learn Kraken

Kraken gives you the power to hit the ground running, no matter your experience level.

An intuitive experience from the start.

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Stake just $400 for 180 days and get a Crypto Ruby card, it earns 2% cashback on purchases, PLUS pays the staking rewards to your account, AND gives you back all your staked CRO at the end of the 180 days! You can then decide to keep staking it to continue collecting passive income.


This is what I received in June 2021 when I spent 25 minutes tops learning about some cryptos:
AMP - 49.45895479 shares (worth $3.18 at the time)
GRT - 4.32671747 shares (worth $2.99 at the time)
XLM - 29.419011 shares (worth $9.94 at the time)
COMP - 0.02806921 shares (worth $8.99 at the time)
FORTH - 0.26064291 shares (worth $3.00 at the time)
BOND - 0.10131717 (worth $3.00 at the time)

Simplest way to learn about crypto and get paid for it!

Available @ COINBASE

Use dollar-cost averaging (DCA) to set up recurring buys!

& the list goes on!
Watch movies about crypto that pay you in crypto!


Choose to pay with crypto, metals, currencies, your choice.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Ummm, noooo, something more...... hmmm......

"The crypto currency market is available worldwide 24/7 for trading with no market close or open times."

Yeah. That.

Yippee ki yay, Esai, it's the wild wild west!

Buy and stake CEL along with many other staking choices.
Meet Celsius. The first and only platform that earns you up to 17% yield on your crypto, rewards you every week, and lets you borrow cash at the lowest rates.

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Join the Celsius Network and earn $40 in Bitcoin (BTC) with your first transfer of $400 or more.

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Celsius is on Web, iOS, Android

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CoinFluence Crypto

pre-ICO Coin: CFLU

Join the CFLU Launchpad ICO and share your unique referral link on your social, video or article in your communities and earn rewards for every investment made from your recommendation.Ex: Your referral invests 30 USD, buys CFLU tokens at an active phase price, you get 20% CFLU of the purchased tokens as a bonus.After the ICO, you can choose to keep your CFLU or convert them to any listed pair via the exchanges where CFLU is listed!

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Don't have time to watch the markets and keep up with price changes and new coins coming out? Copy eToro’s top crypto traders with eToro’s CopyTradeYou can find your favorite featured eToro users and copy all of their trades in one click. It’s that simple.

When they trade, you trade.

1. Choose a trader

Discover top traders who best match your investment goals.
2. Set an amount

Choose how much money with which to copy — the proportions will be calculated automatically. You’ll be duplicating their positions in real time and in direct proportion.
3. Hit Copy

Click the “Copy” button to start copying the trader’s positions automatically. The minimum amount required to copy a trader is $500.

Top traders work for you — without management fees!

Sign up for eToro and start copying other traders at no extra charge. There are no management fees or other hidden costs involved.
You can start or stop copying a user at any time. You may also set a Stop Loss for the copied trader, add or remove funds, or pause the copy.
The traders you copy get paid directly as part of our Popular Investor Program. Learn more about earning income by being copied on eToro!

If your U.S. state is on the list, get $50 signing up
for eToro Cryptocurrency Trading.

Safeguard your cryptocoin.

Ledger Nano X

Decisions, decisions!
Ledger works with iPhone,
Trezor works with Android. 

A managed crypto-currency trading platform.

Cannabis 'n Crypto


Buy MNMD: Mind Medicine is a compelling drug development
pipeline of innovative treatments based on psychedelic substances
including Psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, DMT and Ibogaine derivative 18-MC.

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Get WISH before ya wish ya'd got Wish.

Before it's the next Amazon!

CoinStats helps you to track all your crypto assets and trade them from one place. With just a few clicks, you can connect your exchange accounts, wallets and manage all your diverse portfolios right from our app. We are excited to be one of the fastest-growing crypto companies globally and make crypto trading accessible to everyone.

Klever Crypto Wallet

Klever Exchange download available for Android --- iOS coming early August!

Travel with KLV cryptocurrency!

Travala.com has officially added Klever's KLV token as payment option to book over 3 million travel products worldwide as part of the strategic partnership:

Over 600 airlines, more than 2.2 million hotels and properties, and 400,000 global activities are now available at your fingertips with Klever (KLV) as a payment option on Travala.com, the world’s leading blockchain-based travel booking platform and Klever’s strategic partner.

Klever x Travla.com: The smartest way to travel

Verrrrrrry Klever indeed!

Import and stake a little TRX,
then you can purchase and stake a lotta KLV.

Pays hour on the hour.

Buy KRV, CEL..
When value of KLV rises to unknown heights alongside the rising accumulated interest
generated starts paying for that Travala.com trip .... you'll know you're in Crypto Land!

Benzinga has launched its first ERC20 smart contract.

Ok peeps. We all know what that means.

Claim free ZING while its available in this new product launch
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Then register and earn major ZING for every referred email that joins ZINGERNATION!

Pi Cryptocurrency Network

Want to build apps and help improve development and ecosystem growth for the Pi Network? Our first ever Pi Hackathon is designed to educate community developers -- showing them how to build on top of Pi using the new platform and developer resources -- and surface promising teams who will help build the future with Pi together.

This will be a multi-week event filled with talks, workshops and building activities. To conclude, projects will be able to win prizes and present their work to the Pioneer community.

Pioneers, let's #BuildPi2gether with applications that provide real-world use cases! Leading up to the June 28 2021 kickoff, there will be an announcement on the Home screen with details on how to sign up.

Works on your mobile phone and does not drain your battery!

Start earning cryptocurrency today with our free, energy-light mobile app.

Use your invitation code "CryptoPiology" after installing the app, then get the Pi Browser and read all the Menu links!

Start mining from your phone for free today! Pi Crypto goes Live towards the end of 2021.

Buy crypto. Lend it. Earn income. Smile happy!


Crypto Lending and Staking.
Contracts and Futures.
Pool-X !

Buy KuCoin KCS tokens and stake them for passive income.

KuCoin is not
yet available to U.S. citizens.

Complete easy tasks and earn crypto!

BlockReward is the platform where you earn crypto currency for completing surveys, performing online tasks, watching videos, rating apps or shopping in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, Litecoin, Dash, 0x, BAT, Dai, USD Coin, Tether and True USD.

BlockReward also has fun quests and FreeCrypto Friday!

ShippingEasy, the software we use to print all our mailing labels with the best USPS, UPS and FedEx discounts, offers a FREE month to new users. All you do is click this link and it will automatically give you the first month FREE.

Award-winning customer support includes live chat, email and US-based phone support for all merchants.

You can also upload and manage your inventory and sync it with Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Newegg and many more including your own store/website.

Contact Management is also built into the app, letting you send emails to your lists, by state, order date, etc. You set the parameters as needed.

TheraPure Health Essentials highly recommends ShippingEasy!

Help is free and you’ll always get a real, live human